Monday, April 16, 2012

Mike The Man, Part 2

Turns out, Mike also has some level of same gender attraction. Giggity? Well, he downplays it considerably...and I can't tell if he really isn't that into guys, or if he has lied to himself his whole life, or if he Is afraid of my reaction if he were to admit it.

He finds my attraction to him to be flattering. We flirt quite a bit, but he won't allow more than that. He cracks jokes about me or us when others aren't around, which makes me feel good. His way of saying I'm ok, and that he's ok with me. We actually had to cut back with the flirting because it means more to me and I started to...well...crush on him.

It doesn't help that he is very physically attractive to me.

Also, I've felt no less desire for my wife, which confused me at first. I guess I'm discovering what it means to truly be bi...i dunno. But I certainly have no desire to leave her.
Yet Mike remains intriguing. And, a very good friend. It's a bit of a balancing act, but of course that's old hat for me...

For now, I'm feeling fulfilled. Would sex with Mike be hot as fuck? Probably. But I'm not burning with desire about it, and actually I feel really fulfilled by his friendship. I don't see the need to risk a good friendship, and a good marriage, just to get my rocks off.

Still a balancing act though.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Mike The Man, Part 1

My life is insane.

Things continue to go great with a Karen. I know that's boring to read, but it's the truth! Sex life and relationship continue to improve, generally speaking. Highs and lows like any couple but generally the highs dominate and the lows are not nearly what they used to be. Sweet!

Have I been tempted outside of marriage, you ask?

Goddammit. Yes.

Really unforseen circumstance, but I've been a good boy, I have!

Don't remember if I mentioned my buddy Mike at work. Very cool guy and good friend. Going through second divorce, 5 kids. Straight, gaydar has always blipped around him. Not full tilt, mind you...just a blip. But it's there.

So, I decided to take a chance and share with him. Specifically, that I'm bi, and the recent events that have brought me to where I am now. His reaction?

Totally cool! Not an issue at all. In fact...

I also kinda laid it out...that I've never really had a male best bud who knew me totally, and accepted that. And that I was looking for that with him.

He responded by saying that he didn't have a best bud either, also wanted that, and that I pretty much was his bff at this point.

Oh my GOD! YAY!

So, it's been very cool.

However...the subsequent flirting got a bit out of hand...

Rut roh raggy!