Saturday, January 28, 2012


He's married, like me.

He's my best bud. Sometimes his wife and kids and mine all get together for dinners and games.

He and I insist on "man time" every couple of weeks or so, to get away for a day and chill, just us guys.

We then spend the majority of that day in bed together.

We both love our wives, and don't want to lose them, or hurt them. We remain monogomous with them, and with each other.

We understand each other perfectly. Our need for a man's firm touch is something that runs deep, and must be fulfilled. We would sooner die than betray each other's trust and destroy our families.

Our time together is our own little world of our own creation. We are equals, no matter who is giving, or who is taking. Sometimes these moments are filled with wild, lustful, animalistic abandon; in others, a tenderness that one would not expect between two men.

We often lay naked in each other's arms, savoring each other's bodies, the touch of another man.

We are friends. Our relationship remains just that--a friendship--but with amazing benefits. We can tell each other anything.

We both enjoy making love to our wives, but that has nothing to do with what we receive from each other. It is the very opposite to what making love to a woman provides--hardness instead of softness, rough instead of tender, sameness instead of the opposite.

A masculine touch, to balance the feminine.

A man's touch.


  1. I think this is the fantasy of every bi married man.

    1. But I'm sure it does exist. Anyone going to fess up?

    2. This without a doubt is my longest running fantasy as well. I came across a yahoo online support group known as "Closed Loop" several years ago before Facebok and other things. It basically was a group of married guys that were looking or had already found one special guy that would be an exclusive same-sex partner while maintaining their marriages. Some made it work and others didn't, but it sounds like sucn an ideal situation to me.

  2. Yes...having our cake and eating it too. It sounds selfish to anyone that hasn't been where we are...and I guess it really is. Yet, it really is deeper than that.

    I will say this, to any who may be lurking out there, reading--until you have lived this, until you have walked in our shoes, until you have spent a lifetime in confusion and self-hatred as we have...don't judge. At least not too harshly. Some people simply don't have the tools to fix themselves, and really are trying to find peace, and find happiness for themselves and their families.

    This fantasy isn't such a big deal at this moment for me...right now, I'm really into my wife. And that's good!